If you haven’t established a plan, you’re not alone

retirement planning, estate planningThe Financial Planning Standards Council recently reported 80% of households have no Comprehensive Financial Plan, and New York-based RBC Wealth Management reported 40% of high net worth individuals have not yet formed a Comprehensive Estate Plan. The most cited reason was a lack of understanding regarding the planning process itself.

The truth is Retirement and Estate Planning is a complex task. It is in effect a coordinated industry of several different professions: Law, Tax, Finance, and Insurance.

comprehensive estate plan, estate planning, retirement planningIt can be difficult to find a single qualified individual who has the professional credentials of JD, CPA, CFP, and ChLU as well as an adequate number of years experience in each of these industries. Therefore, in most cases it is beneficial to have a coordinated team of estate advisors.

At PSB, we provide our clients with a strategic consultation of professionals from the Law, Tax, Finance, and Insurance industries, ensuring them a truly comprehensive plan while giving them peace of mind.


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