T. Michael Keating
President & Founder

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Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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Marketing Director – Broker

The PSB Group

Since 1996, the PSB companies have been helping our clients with the critical decisions of retirement. Our purpose is to properly correlate your current financial nest egg with your retirement objectives. To do this, we consider a number of factors that include your personal goals, current resources, tolerance for risk, need for income and liquidity, major expenditures, as well as special considerations such as income and estate taxes.

Estate planning is the arrangement of your assets and personal affairs in a manner that best serves the needs and desires of yourself and your family, both for now and in the future. It is designed to preserve the assets that you have, and in the event of your death or mental incapacity, carry out your wishes in a timely, orderly and efficient manner. With timely advice from advisors within the Legal, Tax, and Insurance industries it can be done with a maximum of ease.

Our team of advisors thoroughly analyze your current situation, help you designate your comprehensive objectives, construct a detailed estate strategy, and develop a suitable plan of action. During this process, our team will help you eliminate excessive and unnecessary risk, minimize taxes, and fully optimize both current and long term income objectives.

The result is security for both yourself and your loved ones. Solid confidence in the future gives our clients the deep satisfaction of a richly enjoyable retirement.


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